5 22 2012

Ipswitch, Inc. Wins Impact 2012 Global WebSphere Community Customer Award

Ipswitch's Cloud and Integration Solutions Result in a Competitive Advantage

LEXINGTON, Mass. ─ May 22, 2012 - Ipswitch, Inc. announced today that it received the IBM Impact 2012 Global WebSphere Community Customer Award. This award showcases customer solutions using IBM WebSphere products and technologies brought to life with the help of Business Partners. Ipswitch leverages IBM WebSphere Cast Iron software for the seamless integration between Salesforce.com cloud and enterprise systems.


Ipswitch, Inc., with the assistance of ForeFront, Inc. for technical architecture and integration support, leveraged IBM WebSphere Cast Iron software for rapid development across all integrations between Salesforce.com and back-office systems. IBM WebSphere Cast Iron software enables Ipswitch to streamline business processes, ensure data accuracy, and respond swiftly to market trends. Ipswitch seamlessly integrates its ERP systems to the Salesforce.com platform to gain enterprise-wide account visibility – from sales opportunity to order status, from customer service to case management. IBM WebSphere Cast Iron enabled the integration between various systems, on-premises or cloud-based – from e-Commerce, Order Management, Financials and Data Warehousing.


“We are very honored to have received the Impact 2012 Global WebSphere Community Customer Award,” stated Azmi Jafarey, CIO of Ipswitch, Inc. “Leveraging IBM WebSphere has enabled us to integrate our systems in an efficient manner, to help streamline processes and better serve our customers.”


About Ipswitch, Inc.

Ipswitch was founded in 1991 on a simple premise: to produce IT software that takes what is possible and makes it practical. The goal was to bring high quality IT software to small businesses that lacked the time and resources to learn the overly complex enterprise software that was only available at the time.

Today, Ipswitch makes software for businesses of all sizes to manage networks, securely transfer files and communicate via e-mail. Our products are designed to increase productivity for people and organizations and save time and money by being easy to learn, use, support and maintain. Focusing on these priorities has helped meet the needs of millions of customers around the world since 1991.