3 01 2018

Ipswitch Releases eBook for IT Professionals on Automating with Python

"How to Automate Using Python" eBook, which includes How Coding Can Enhance IT Careers, Now Available for Download

BURLINGTON, Mass. - March 1, 2018 - Ipswitch®, producer of award-winning and easy to use secure file transfer and network management software, has released the new eBook, "How to Automate Using Python." Python is a popular programming language that is used in many applications from data science to web development. It is also a powerful scripting tool for automating trivial IT tasks. Learning Python, or alternatives like PowerShell and Ruby, accelerates IT careers by providing a more unique and varied skill set than peers.

"Python is a flexible language that is being used everywhere - because it's built on simple syntax and its ease of interpretation, it is faster to write in and easier to read than other programming languages like Java, which is good when you're pressed for time," said Kevin Conklin, Vice President of Product Marketing and Content at Ipswitch. "While both Ruby and Python are object-oriented languages, Python's simplicity makes it more fit for scripting. This is particularly useful if you are working in IT and need to get up and running to automate tasks quickly."

Having more choices for how to write script whether in Python, PowerShell or something else can be very helpful for IT professionals, including being more self-sufficient. For example, when there's an automation bug, rather than waiting for the technical team to bail you out, you can help yourself.

The eBook outlines how code can enhance your career in IT, how to install Python on Mac, Linux and Windows, how Python functions and parameters work, as well as how to automate your first IT task with Python.

To download the new eBook, visit: https://www.ipswitch.com/resources/whitepapers-ebooks/how-to-automate-using-python



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