12 23 2013

IT Pros Getting Scrooged by their Networks This Christmas

Ipswitch Network Management Division survey shows the holidays may not be happy for hardworking IT professionals

LEXINGTON, Mass. – December 23, 2013 – Christmas is a time to be with family and friends, not a network problem. However, according to the latest survey from Ipswitch® Network Management Division, 46 percent of IT pros will be on-call this holiday season and nearly one in three have experienced a major network outage during prior holiday seasons, demonstrating that the biggest Scrooge of the season for IT pros is the network itself.


According to Ipswitch’s survey of 116 IT professionals, employees commonly experience problems over Christmas and New Year’s including the inability to access the network remotely (51 percent), poor application performance (26 percent) and forgotten passwords (17 percent). Additionally, more than half of all IT pros surveyed (56 percent) will be thinking about work when off the clock.


“Even the holidays don’t provide a brief respite for many hardworking IT pros,” said Ennio Carboni, president and general manager at the Ipswitch Network Management Division. “Networks are like Ebenezer Scrooge, they just don’t care if it’s Christmas. Be sure to thank your hardworking IT pro this holiday season, as they may be giving up downtime with friends and family to make sure your networks have uptime.”


Respondents see hope for 2014, though. Their New Year’s Resolutions included spending less time dealing with network problems (56 percent), increasing IT security measures (33 percent) and addressing network problems related to BYOD (11 percent).


The problems IT pros face can be easier when they have a unified view into their networks, applications servers and users. A network monitoring solution such as Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold can quickly point to a downed router or a user streaming YouTube and hogging bandwidth that affects business application availability.




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