11 05 2012

WhatsUpGold Announces Promotion for IT Pros

"Don't Play Games with your IT Infrastructure" awards weekly prizes

LEXINGTON, Mass. - November 5, 2012 – Ipswitch Network Management Division, developer of the WhatsUp Gold suite of innovative IT management software, today announced a special giveaway offer for its flagship product, WhatsUp Gold. Each week, two winners will be randomly selected for that week's prize. (The prize will change each week.)

WhatsUp Gold, including its latest release of version 16, makes sure that you don't play games with your IT infrastructure with features like, wireless performance management, and integrated layer 2 discovery and mapping. This special promotion, that starts today and goes through December 31st, will make sure that IT professionals stop wasting time with their IT infrastructure.

"IT teams are taxed with understanding what is happening on their network at all times and often it can feel like a game without the right tools in place. We wanted to offer a fun promotion that would reward IT staff for their hard work," explained Tamara Hart, director of marketing for the Ipswitch, Inc. Network Management Division.

About the Network Management Division of Ipswitch, Inc.

The Network Management Division of Ipswitch, Inc. is the force behind WhatsUp Gold, the integrated suite of IT management solutions. Over 100,000 networks – from SMBs to enterprises – depend on WhatsUp Gold for comprehensive network, system, application and log monitoring and management in both physical and virtual infrastructure environments. The latest version of WhatsUp Gold includes powerful wireless infrastructure management, automated Layer 2/3 discovery and comprehensive asset reporting – all delivered via one download, through a unified and customizable Web console.

After 20 years in business, Ipswitch continues to develop products that solve IT managers' problems worldwide – with U.S. headquarters in Lexington, MA and offices in Atlanta and Augusta, GA and Madison, WI, as well as international offices in Netherlands and Japan.

To learn more about WhatsUp Gold, please visit: https://www.ipswitch.com/forms/free-trials/whatsup-gold/